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White Cliffs Electrical Services Terms & Conditions

1. Working time and charges.

There is an initial charge, which also covers the first hour on site. This allows for either the completion of minor work, or, in respect of major work, a visual inspection of the existing installation and a record to be made of the proposed work. Subsequent working hours are charged at an hourly rate unless, following the first site visit, a fixed rate charge for the job has been agreed by both parties.

Normal working hours are 8am to 6pm Monday – Friday, and 8am to 12 noon Saturday. During these hours the hourly rate is £20.00, and initial charge £30. Between the hours of 6am to 8am, and 6pm to 9pm, Monday to Friday, and 6am to 8am and then midday to 9pm Saturday the hourly rate is £25.00, and initial charge £40. Out of hours charges apply during bank holidays, and all hours outside of periods outlined above. During these times the initial charge is £50, and hourly rate £35.

We are not a vat registered company so vat is not added to the bill. All hourly rates exclude the cost of materials and parking fees.

While White Cliffs Electrical Services carries normal stock and sundry items expected of an electrician, and other non-stock items can be pre-ordered, should physical sourcing/collection of special materials/items outside of this range become necessary, this time will be charged as part of our hourly rates.

2. Customer Requirements

Commencement of work: Every effort will be made to meet the requirements of the customer but no absolute guarantee can be given of the date of commencement or completion of work.

White Cliffs Electrical Services accepts no responsibility for any delay in the execution of work or inconvenience caused due to non-delivery or shortage of materials or other causes beyond the control of White Cliffs Electrical Services. Fittings: Position of fittings, lighting points, switches etc. if not provided for in the quotation or an associated drawing are to be determined and agreed before work is commenced and any changes required therein shall be notified by the customer to White Cliffs Electrical Services in writing in sufficient time not to impede the progress of the work. Any extra work necessary to meet such changes will be chargeable to the customer in addition to the quoted price.

Tests: Installation work will be tested during progress, and also upon completion for insulation resistance, earthing and continuity. These tests comply with the current edition of the IEE Regulations for the Electrical Equipment of Buildings. Any other tests required by the customer will be charged for as an extra to the quoted price unless such tests are definitely specified and included in the quotation

3. Making Good etc.

Although every care and attention will be taken by White Cliffs Electrical Services whilst carrying out work on-site, we do not accept responsibility, or remain liable, for damage to plaster work, decorations, wallpaper, carpets, flooring or any other on-site structural feature. Inspection and access holes, the cutting of wiring channels, drilling and other works made to accommodate installations will be made good to the best of our ability, but we are not carpenters, plasters, carpet layers etc. Customers should be aware of this and make their own arrangements to return the property to a permanently finished and decorated state.

4. Wayleaves

The customer shall be responsible for securing any necessary consents, easements or wayleaves, and for any reinstatements of disturbed ground in the case of extensions to underground distributing lines, which are within the customers own property or on privately owned property over which the customer has rights, access or a tenancy.

5. Licenses

Any license, permit or other authority necessary for any execution of the work shall be obtained by the customer.

6. Warranty/Guarantee

Delivering good customer service is a core business value. Much of our work comes from word of mouth recommendations and protecting our reputation depends on us delivering against our promise.

Guarantees on electrical work

7. Terms of Payment

Instructions for work in any property shall be made only by those legally entitled to instruct work to be carried out on the property in question, and the same party shall be liable for all charges. Third party instructions must be accompanied by full written authority from the legal owner of the property, and the legal owner must provide a copy of his/her I.D.[such as driving licence or passport] and two recent utility bills featuring the home/registered address of person/charity/company owning the property.

Payment for work where the total value is less than £500 shall be subject to invoice after completion of the work. Payment for jobs where the total value of the work is between £500 and £2500 shall be by three stages, unless alternative arrangements are agreed in writing beforehand. The first payment shall be made prior to commencement of the work and shall consist of 30% of the value of the job. The second payment [40%] shall be made by the customer when the work is at the half way stage, with the balance to be paid when the work is completed. Payment shall become due on demand unless otherwise agreed. Failure to pay will incur an interest charge of 2% per month until full payment is received. For larger contracts, an agreed series of progress payments will be negotiated.

8. Extra Cost

In the event of expenses arising due to suspension or cancellation of work at the request of the customer, or lack of access, instruction or other on-site delay caused by matters beyond the control of White Cliffs Electrical Services, such expenses thereby incurred shall, at the discretion of White Cliffs Electrical Services, be chargeable to the customer.

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